Posted on May 22, 2015

Accepting an individual with welcome arms is a big part of the Youth Go mission. There’s an absolute “no tolerance for bullying” policy at the center, because we find it important to accept everyone for who they are. There’s a certain “family” mentality that is felt and known when you are a part of Youth Go. It doesn’t matter what grade you are in, where you come from, or what your goals are – you will find friendships at Youth Go – some that may last a lifetime!

Youth Go is not only a teen drop-in center, but a safe atmosphere for kids to be themselves, a place for a young person to find a common ground with their peers. At Youth Go, a child can seek appreciation for the potential they have to lead a healthy lifestyle. They will find various resources and outlets to meet specific needs. They will also find a meal almost every evening, plus opportunities for tutoring while doing homework in a quiet space. With many different life skill activities, mentoring goals and programs, children find out a lot about themselves.

Youth Go is not the same organization it was 20 years ago. Youth Go balances fun with discipline, a place for children and teenagers to help mold themselves for the future for a better tomorrow, to prepare to be a helping hand and successful member of their community.