Open Doors Program

To assist with the monthly in-service days in the Neenah School District, Youth Go will continue to offer our Open Doors Program.
Please fill out both sides of this form and we ask that there is a form filled out for each child who will be attending.
open doors sign up 19-20

Please note, Youth Go will NOT be able to offer this program during Haunted House season. 

Important to remember:
*This will be the 5th  year of this program and we may need to make adjustments throughout the school year depending on attendance.  We will do our best to communicate with parents when and if any changes are made.

*Our plan is to serve meals (breakfast, lunch and a snack on no-school days and lunch and a snack on early release days), provide guided recreation time, offer crafts, and watch movies.

*This service is only for youth in grades 5-12.

*We ask that all youth are signed up by Monday before each Professional Learning Day or Early Release Day to allow us time to prepare and shop for supplies.

Please contact Timothy or Kelly with any questions at 722-1435.