Posted on May 21, 2015

Youth should be excited to join Youth Go and use all the useful things Youth Go has to offer. It is different from all the other organizations because it is free. Most other organizations require kids to pay to stay and hang out with their friends. Youth Go is a safe place for kids to go and hang out with other kids. This means parents can trust their kids to hang out with their friends and make sure they are not up to monkey business.

Another special thing is there are a lot of clubs that the kids can join. All these clubs have a point in teaching the kids something new. Whether it is exercising in fitness club or helping kids with their sexual orientation and learning about other useful information in SAFE group.

Also, kids aren’t the wisest when choosing healthy meals, and Youth Go provides just that. Lastly they allow kids to work on their homework and get some help when needed.

The community should be more aware of what Youth Go is, and some are even scared of it. We have changed so much throughout all these years, and we are no longer the organization people remember from a long time ago. Staff members make sure that kids are being appropriate and make sure no one gets hurt. If more people learned what Youth Go is about, I believe many more people would go. Parents should know that this place is safe and kids have fun here too!!! Most kids love it here and we create a bond over time and everybody knows one another. Once you join, you will soon make connections with the other youth. Not only do you make connections with the youth, you make connections with the staff. Staff helps the youth succeed. Many kids don’t think about the future too much. These staff members will question you to help you make important decisions in your life. And if you already have made decisions, then they will help you get there. Youth Go is a very great place overall.

Consider donating so you can help influence these kids’ lives forever.