This Year's Events

“Youth Go’s Haunted House”

Youth Go’s Haunted House is not afraid to mess with your senses, bring you unexpected scares, or skimp on the fun. There are no animatronics, there are no holograms, what we have are rooms full of over-energized youth that creep and crawl for your shrieks!  Our Haunted House is recommended for guests ages 12 and older and parents should use personal discretion.  And we are a handicap accessible Haunted House!

Youth Go’s Haunted House will be open from 6-9:30pm at Neenah’s Old City Garage at 333 West Cecil Street.
NEW ticket prices this year: $5 for students with an ID and $10 for adults.

The cost of your ticket will not only provide you with a visit to a great Haunted House, it also provides countless programs and opportunities for area youth who attend Youth Go!

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Tickets: $5 for students and $10 for adults
Dates: October 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, and 28.
Times: 6-9:30pm
Location: Neenah’s Old City Garage at 333 West Cecil St in Neenah

“The Hallows”

A Haunted Trail Walk:

With the light of a single lantern, it will be your challenge to survive what waits for you in the woods and find a way out.

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Tickets: $5
Dates: October 6 and 7
Times: 7-10 p.m.
Location: Memorial Park at 1131 Tullar Road in Neenah

“Children’s Day at the Haunted House”

The event includes a lighted, child friendly tour of the Haunted House, trick-or-treating, carnival games, visits from local mascots and more!

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Tickets: $5 for children and adults
Dates: October 7 and 28
Times: Noon-4 p.m.
Location: Neenah’s Old City Garage at 333 West Cecil St in Neenah